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Last year, Kaen and also the Trainbots was indeed running on Environment

Last year, Kaen and also the Trainbots was indeed running on Environment

Once Galvatron occupied Cybertron, the latest bot trains put together to transport their other Autobots so you’re able to Cybertron across the area link. Shoki intervened towards the Ultra Magnus’s earliest battle with Sixshot, knocking away the newest ninja consultant for enough time into Autobots to help you roll-out. The newest convoy is actually attacked along the way by Constructicons, but Metroplex drove all of them from. They were almost soil by dropping dirt when Bruticus collapsed good building on them using their sonic stun gun. The Puzzle out-of World Master Kaen therefore the Trainbots gone back to World just after a while so you’re able to bus Very hot Pole as well as the Headmasters back to Cybertron, immediately following the profitable pursuit of new Matrix of Leaders. Delivery of Great Double Perfect Within show setting, Kaen additionally the Trainbots moved Rodimus Perfect plus the Monsterbots to help you world Monster just like the reinforcements on the Headmasters. Rebellion into the Entire world Monster Nonetheless they carried your towards the competition once more on the planet Praum, where Scorponok had put a pitfall for Fortress and his awesome people. Brand new Five-Million-Year-Old Veil off Secret

Five Fighters Emerge from the brand new Air New Trainbots molded Raiden and battled close to Defensor and you can Superion up against the Decepticon combiner equivalents

Back on Earth, Kaen and the Trainbots took Danny and Wheelie on a sightseeing trip in Tokyo, Japan. When Sixshot a mysterious robot declared his intention to steal all of Japan’s energy, Kaen and the Trainbots remained quietly alert, confident their combination form could handle any threat to their homeland. Their passive response to the danger angered the more action-oriented Headmaster team, especially Chromedome. After fruitlessly chasing behind the bandit in attacks on London and New York, Chromedome was incensed when he arrived back at Autobot headquarters to see Kaen and the Trainbots returning from a shopping spree with Danny. Shoki and Chromedome nearly came to blows with each other before Danny intervened.

The brand new Headmasters soon showed up and you can tagged from Trainbots, allowing Kaen and his awesome family members to go to the fresh new community and escort the individuals so you’re able to safety within mutual train form

When the bot ultimately produced their assault towards the Japan, Shoki needed one his team getting greeting the original hit against their enemy. Flying for the conserve, Kaen additionally the Trainbots built given that Raiden to fight Sixshot. Raiden’s earn try precluded by the new coming out of Trypticon, piloted from the Scourge and you can Cyclonus. It turned a virtually all-aside brawl next, on Headmasters arriving due to the fact reinforcements because of their comrades. Sixshot try revealed, and he used their ninja degree relatively to reproduce himself, attacking Raiden since several winged wolves. While the a speech of its newfound have confidence in both, Raiden advised Chromedome to help you shoot at the holographic Sixshots swarming doing your, once you understand however certainly getting strike of the some of the blasts. The fresh new Decepticons have been in the course of time inspired away from and you may Shoki and you can Chromedome shook hand back in the headquarters, which have forged a beneficial warrior’s thread into the world of battle. Horror! The new Half a dozen Shadows

Galvatron in the near future strike away facing Cybertron once again, now choosing the the latest awesome-metal also known as Cybertonuron. Kaen and the Trainbots were first-in line on earth to transport along the Space Bridge with the combat toward Decepticons. They hurried into the fresh assaulting whenever they showed up. Cybertron Is actually Grave Hazard, Part step 1 Kaen together with Trainbots encountered the Predacons into the security of the house entire world. The battle try intense but short-term, since the Trainbots handicapped their opponents. Cybertron Is actually Grave Chances, Region 2

Kaen additionally the Trainbots defended the fresh new Sol 1 satellite while in the the launch years. When Scourge, Cyclonus in addition to Predacons arrived to inexpensive the satellite, they flew out towards Headmasters to stop all of them. Shoki provided the latest demand in addition to Trainbots build to create Raiden, grappling with Predaking and eventually going after off the Decepticons. Brand new Trace Emperor, Scorponok Next, Kaen’s team registered the newest Protectobots into the a crisis save objective so you can Peru, in which a dynamic volcano is intimidating a little urban area. These were intercepted because of the Predacons, and so Shoki asked Hot spot to go on ahead and you may boost the villagers just like the Trainbots occupied this new Preds. Kaen spoke loudly in regards to the courage and you can virtues of your Trainbots if you’re caving Tantrum’s direct within the. Soon, Raiden and Predaking was indeed shaped, while the battle really was registered. New Inactive Volcano Mysteriously Erupts Within their next evil system, the new Decepticons unleashed a massive carnivorous bush when you look at the the downtown area San francisco bay area, compelling the latest Autobots to react. Kaen plus the Trainbots arrived on the scene, however, was in fact confronted with Bruticus, who wished to duel with sabers made from white. The fresh Trainbots molded Raiden and you may fulfilled Bruticus blade to own sword. At once!! Fortress Maximus

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